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Reasons for using a local estate agent

When selling your house it can be a nightmare working out which is the best way to list your property.

Particularly with the rise of one-off fee online estate agencies this decision process is becoming more complex and not any easier or quicker. Money Saving Expert have a great timeline of buying a home. A local estate agent can provide a wealth of information that a UK-wide online estate agent cannot.

Your local estate agent will know your local housing market better than out-of-town ones. This will enable you to get a more accurate price for your property. A property with a price set at the local market value is far more likely to sell than one with a price that has been over-estimated by yourself or an out of town estate agent.

Another advantage of local estate agents is that you can meet with them in person and discuss any concerns or worries you have about the process of selling your property. Our personal opinion is that discussing things through in person beats any form of text communication and even phone calls hands down. The out-of-town estate agent’s may seem fantastically cheap and offer lots of perks. But if things go wrong there is no true substitute to sitting down and talking to someone in person.

Estate agents don’t just sell properties they also spend a lot of their time searching for properties for their clients.
By opting to sell with a particular estate agent you are giving yourself access to a ready-made market of potential buyers looking for property in your area.

More often than not, the local estate agents work within the area in which they live. This gives them an underlying knowledge and understanding of the benefits of living in that area. These hidden gems of local-knowledge can make the difference between a quick sale and a house remaining on the market for a long time.

Another thing that must be stressed is that although you already live in the area potential buyers are more likely to rely on the estate agents tips than on what you tell them.

Here at AZRealtyPros we understand that moving is expensive and although we suggest you don’t scrimp money on using a good estate agent, we would strongly encourage you to out-source and compare prices for some of the other big costs when moving.