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10 Quick Tips

Here we have a list of fast and affordable fixes that you can make to improve the likelihood  of selling your house.

1.    Paint –
Would you choose to buy a house that has flaking or cracked paint?  If you’re trying to sell your house and your decor is outdated or you have some imperfections in your paint work, it is certainly worth getting a set of brushes a fresh can of paint and re-awakening the artist within you. A freshly painted room gives even older houses that new modern feel which many buyers are looking for.

2. Tend to the Garden
An untidy garden can be a big turn off for potential buyers. With a bit of time and lots of elbow grease you can have your garden looking beautiful.A well kept garden suggests low-maintenance which is often what new buyers are looking for. Mowing the lawn gives the garden a fresh and inviting appearance and is
a very easy task to accomplish. If you are not green fingered consider paying someone to tidy and trim your garden for you, alternatively buy some nice potted flowers to brighten any untidy looking areas. Before you know it your garden will be selling your house for you.

3. Beautify Your Front Door
Your front door is one of the first things your potential buyers will see, and first impressions do make a big difference when selling a house. If your door is PVC or plastic, ensure that it is clean and streak-free.
If you have a wooden door consider giving it a fresh coat of paint, carefully consider the choice of colour to ensure it is not too bold. If your door handle is looking worse-for-wear it is probably best just to replace it with a new fixture, you won’t have to change your keys as you can still use the same lock barrel. These simple steps will have the front of your house looking better than ever.

4. New Lighting
The majority of modern buyers would like their houses to be light and airy. To achieve this in your house go round all your rooms and see how light each one seems. If you feel like a room is dark, consider investing in new lighting for the room, whether that be new wall or ceiling fixtures or simply adding a reading lamp. Are you still using filament lamps and compact-fluorescent lamps, new LED bulbs can give off a lot more light and also reduce the energy wasted as heat. Simply replacing old bulbs for new can save a fortune on energy costs and also improve the brightness of each room in the property.

5. Declutter
There is little worse than going to view a house filled with the home-owners junk and clutter. Remember that you are trying to sell your house to someone else, and they may not think as highly of your large collection of ornamental dolls or antique bottles. Spend the time and energy going through your items to see if you can get rid of anything.
Often you can make a bit of extra money selling old items and you also save on costs of storing and moving these items. For the period while your property is on the market you should put anything you want to keep into storage, or ask a friend if you can borrow some space in their shed/garage. Bear in mind that selling and moving house can take a long time if you think borrowing space for that length of time will jeopardise your friendship you will be better off paying for a storage unit.

6. Deodorise Your Home
One of the most off-putting things when visiting a property is an unpleasant smell. Although your home probably does not smell unpleasant it can be difficult to know because, when living somewhere, we become desensitised to the natural aroma. Perhaps get a friend in and ask to borrow their nose for a few minutes, alternatively don’t take the risk and use some essential oil diffusers to give a fresh but not overpowering scent to any troublesome rooms. Pets can contribute greatly to the scent problem, so make sure they are out of the way when showing your house. The other classic scent to employ use

7. Wash Your Windows
Clean windows can make a room sparkle and greatly increase the amount of light coming into the room. If you’re short of time consider paying a professional window cleaner to sort them for you. Don’t forget to clean both the inside and the outside to gain the full effect.

8. Repair
Still haven’t fixed that dodgy cupboard-door hinge? Make sure that you fix or replace any broken or damaged fixtures or fittings around your property. Damaged furnishings can give a dilapidated feel and will make the buyer think that there is work to be done on the property. Most buyers are looking for properties they can move straight into and as such even the small repairs or replacements will make a big difference to their opinion. When making repairs or replacements it is important to consider the return on the investment of the item. If it will cost a fortune to replace and you don’t think it will make or break the sale, you should forgo the repair in favour of fixing, repairing or painting elsewhere.

9. Replace/Clean Your Carpets
Dirty or worn carpets put thoughts of expensive replacement costs into buyers heads. If you can afford to replace any worn out and tattered carpets do so. At the very least get all your carpets professionally cleaned to bring a new lease of life to your property. Dealing with dirty or dusty carpets can also assist in eliminating any bad odours that have accumulated over the years. It goes without saying that all carpets within your property should be hoovered before any imminent viewings. In order to prevent the odour of vacuum cleaner resonating around the house, make sure you vacuum well in advance of viewings and not 5 minutes before they arrive. While your property is on the market it is a good idea to get into the habit of daily hoovering and basic cleaning to maintain a high level of cleanliness and an organisied appearance

10. Half-Empty Your Closets
One key thing modern buyers look for is storage space within the house. To give the impression of lots of [ ](even if you haven’t got it) remove half of the items from your closets and wardrobes. Neatly organise the remaining items, by colour if possible, for the greatest effect.