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Welcome to AZ Realty Pros.

On our site we offer tips and advice to help you sell your home, and to help you save money on this process.

We focus primarily on the UK housing market but many of the improvement tips provided can benefit anyone, regardless of where they are situated.

We have been around since the early 2000′ s and love helping people move to the house they’ve always dreamed of. We are  a group of passionate individuals who maintain this site in our spare-time. We felt that there was no good single source of realty information on the web, so decided to create our own. The AZ Realty Pros endeavour to continually update and improve our site, and are always keen to hear from our readers and subscribers.

We are particularly keen to hear from the would-be self builders among you. Perhaps you have recently bought a plot of land and intend to build upon it we’ would like to hear from you. Perhaps you are erecting a timber frame house off a kit and I am sure you can divulge a wealth of expertise and knowledge in this area. We always want to hear from you detailing what your experiences have been in getting through the planning stages and whether you were able to build your house or extension using planning permission or permitted development rules.

Another area we are interested in is groundworks as we think that this is an undervalued aspect of the building process particularly when it comes to the drainage and sewer workings. Perhaps you have a story of nightmare spiralling costs because of your having to move or protect public sewer works on your property.

In time we would hope to be able to feature your self build, whether it be for a new conservatory, a garage or a two storey extension and would hope to be able to list recommended tradespersons or the job too. We all know a bricklayer, plasterer, carpenter or electrician but do we know any that are freed up to work with you? Most of the ones we know are booked up 6 months ahead.

They say an englishmans home is his castle and we’re all very protective of our four walls and seem to spend a lot of our spare time looking after our castles by cleaning, painting and repairing them when they show signs of wear plus we sink an enormous amount of our cash into them to help them maintain their values as they are the best investment ever to grow our personal wealth.

If you would like to add to our ever-growing resource of information please contact us using our contact us page.  We hope you enjoy using our site and look forward to hearing from you soon.

By the way – we are increasingly being asked about property conveyancing. This isn’t really our area of expertise – but we did find a website which we though was doing a really good job of it: www.equoteconveyancing.co.uk . We like this website because it makes a real effort to show all-inclusive quotations from a number of solicitors, and shows feedback on those solicitors, without hiding the bad reviews.


The AZ Realty Pros