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Here is our A to Z list of hints and tips to help sell your property:

Ensure that your rooms look finished by adding small touches and detailed accessories to suit the room

Spend time cleaning your bathroom and make it sparkle again. Try using lemon and salt to clean any stubborn bathroom dirt. Alternatively baking soda and vinegar are a fantastic cleaning combination, particularly for inbetween those tiles.

If you use a local solicitor you might be paying a lot more than if you got a quote online. You do not even have to meet with the solicitor as the process can be completed via email and post. See our money saving tips for more about this

Remember that this is the first thing your potential buyers will see. The first impression of your house will make a big difference so ensure your door is looking good. If not, give it a clean or a splash of fresh paint to bring it to life.

Estate agents,
When choosing an estate agent it is important to shop around to ensure you get good value for money. Though sometimes it is worth paying a bit more to use your local estate agent as they know the local area and market better.

Before you have people coming round to view your house ensure that any broken fixtures, fittings and furnishings are fixed or replaced. This will give the house a new feel and make the buyers feel that there is less work to do.

Gardens & Garages,
Most of your potential buyers will want to look at your garden so spend some time making sure it matches the same level of organisation, neatness and care as the house, otherwise it may be off putting.             Garages are often the place that we store a lot of old junk that we no longer need. In order to show your viewings the maximum potential space, clear your garage of anything unwieldy or unsightly and give it a good clean.

Moving house is a stressful time for everybody. This is why we’ve put health on our A to Z, we want to remind all our readers that, although you are busy, it is extremely important too look after your mental and physical health throughout this process.

For most buyers the images of your house are the first thing they will look at. It is therefore important to achieve the best images you can afford.
If you are able to, we highly recommend bringing in a professional photographer to get the best possible shots. Also make sure your rooms are staged in the same way they will be for the viewings, as this will help the house match the buyers expectations.

Make sure that you remove any old junk from your house before photos and viewings occur. Take anything that is still usable to your nearest charity shop or car boot sale.

For many families and home-owners the kitchen is the heart of the home, so it is crucial to make sure that yours is looking its best before you start photographing or viewings.

Make sure that all your lights are working and have up-to-date fittings. It can be surprising how much a new fixture/fitting can change the ambience of a room.
Prior to viewings and photographs turn all the lights in your house on, it will make the house feel brighter and fresher and will improve the quality of any images taken.

Once you have got your house ready for viewings plan a regular time at which you will go around to ensure that it stays tidy and clean.
For the period that your house is on the market it needs to be looking like a show-home, particularly when you are away in case your estate agent shows people around.

Remember that your buyers are interested in buying your house and not your lifestyle or personality. As such it is important to neutralise any rooms, fittings or decorations that might be polarising or considered offensive to someone.

Obvious conversions,
Often it can be worth the while spending money converting the function of a space/room or extending your current home to add additional space, speak to a local estate agent to discover if adding space would add value to the

For a relatively small cost you can completely change the feel of a room simply by repainting the walls and ceiling.

When looking for an estate agent, a solicitor or conveyancer or any other professional that you may need the services of in selling your house, ensure that you get multiple quotes from different sources i.e. Internet, telephone, in-person. The simple act of shopping around can often save you a fortune.

Is all your furniture in the best positions in each room to show the room off to the best of its abilities?
If not, change it.
The furniture must make the room practical and avoid allowing the room to feel cluttered.

Consider renting a storage container to put items in that you do not wish to display in your house for viewings and photographs. Bear in mind that this is an extra cost and if you’re house does not sell for a while this can add up.

Trays & Towels,
Use trays to ‘stage’ items and accessories in a room, when you are not showing the house you can simply move the tray out of the way and continue as normal.
Fresh white towels add an air of sophistication to any bathroom and it is a simple addition that does not cost too much.

Clutter does not sell houses, if you are questioning whether or not you should leave something on display, remove it. The likelihood is that your viewers would question why it was there in the first place.

This should go without saying, but it is one of those things that is often left til-last-minute, try to avoid leaving it to just before viewings as vacuuming leaves a distinctive smell and also stirs up a lot of dust, which some people can be allergic to.

Not good with a paintbrush? or perhaps you would like to change the atmosphere of a room with a feature wall.
Wallpaper is another affordable method of giving an old room a fresh modern look.

If your house can feel small, try adding mirrors to rooms to give the perception of a bigger room. It also helps increase the amount of light getting into the room and can make a huge difference.

Make sure that you give yourself time to shower and freshen up before any viewings. If you are showing people around yourself try not to crowd them and allow them to move around the house at their own pace. Give them the impression that you are patient and not in a rush to sell.

Zebras, leopards, dogs and cats whatever animal you have, make sure that they are out of the way for viewings and photographs. If your house has a strong smell of animal (ask to borrow a friend’s sense of smell because people living with pets become used to it) get your carpets or floors professionally cleaned to help reduce this.

We hope you find these tips useful and wish you happy selling!